Enterprise Innovation 2024

January 18, 2024, Thursday News

Seizing new opportunities brought by the digital economy and discussing the effect of digital technologies on innovation capacity, cost, and enterprise productivity


The new generation of digitalised and advanced technologies has been infiltrating the real economy, changing the original industrial production organisation mode, the law of value creation, and distribution. It connects products, people, and devices with the virtual world, making the information transfer between enterprises in the value chain more convenient and cooperation more effective than previous. The application of digital technology specifically and the flow of digital knowledge and information enable enterprises to obtain the needed information at lower cost and with higher efficiency. Consequently, this addresses more effectively, the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises and customers and help partners understand the processing status in real-time.

The digital economy era is transforming rapidly with the development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet technology, and other new generations of information technology. In comparison with the previous disruptive industrial revolution, that had mainly relied on material resources (such as labour, capital, and energy, the driving force for economic growth in this revolution we are currently living in, are predominantly digital knowledge and information, digital technology, and a highly skilled labour force.

In reaction to the disruptive economic scenarios, the Enterprise Europe Network node in Malta, in collaboration with the major stakeholders, is inviting you to attend the Enterprise Innovation Conference and Networking event on 24th April 2024. The full agenda will be announced soon, but it will definitely highlight the SMEs’ adoption of complex digital technologies such as intelligent enterprise resource planning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, digital design, and smart manufacturing. Such tech improves the businesses’ competitiveness in this digital economy era, but surely not without challenges! Not to mention the potential lack sufficient capital and high-skilled talents since the SME reality is really all about limited access to information, limited or no use of big data and digital technology for financial analysis, prediction, and project management.

The expert speakers at the upcoming Enterprise Innovation Conference will discuss how in this digital economy, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies have accelerated the restructuring of digital and traditional resources, profoundly changing production methods and business models worldwide. The conference aims to show that digital transformation can improve the value-creation ability of Maltese enterprises and will showcase the support existing to undertake this transformation path.

EEN Malta will soon announce the registration links for participants to confirm their attendance.

Sponsors and exhibitors

Maltese companies that have products and services that support SMEs in their digitalisation process are strongly encouraged to email brigitte.tanti@maltaenterpise.com to express their interest and obtain more information. Various packages are available but spaces are limited.


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