Eurobarometer study on EEN Visibility – Malta ranked as one of the top performant countries

December 19, 2023, Tuesday News

In a Eurobarometer study conducted in September/October 2023, the focus was squarely on skills shortages and the visibility of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). With a particular emphasis on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the survey aimed to gauge their awareness of EEN and the services it offers. The results provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of SME engagement with EEN.

The survey reached out to more than 500 SMEs, seeking to determine their familiarity with EEN and its range of services. One of the standout performers in terms of EEN visibility was Malta, a country that ranked an impressive 3rd place, alongside Estonia and Latvia. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of EEN outreach efforts in Malta, showcasing the network’s impact on the local business community.

A notable aspect of the Eurobarometer findings is the growth in EEN awareness among SMEs. In 2015, only 8% of all SMEs surveyed had heard of EEN. Fast forward to 2023, and the awareness has increased slightly to 9% among SMEs across the EU27. While the percentage may seem modest, the positive trend indicates a steady upward trajectory in EEN visibility over the years.

Malta’s rise to the 3rd position in EEN visibility is a testament to the concerted efforts of the local business community and the EEN Malta Consortium. The collaboration between EEN and Maltese SMEs has evidently borne fruit, as reflected in the survey results. The country’s remarkable performance underscores the effectiveness of targeted awareness campaigns and engagement initiatives.

Expressing gratitude, the EEN Malta Consortium extends its thanks to all clients for their validation and support. The positive response from SMEs in Malta is pivotal in reinforcing the commitment of EEN Malta to furthering its mission. Despite the commendable achievements, EEN Malta remains dedicated to the ongoing journey of assisting SMEs in reaching new horizons and fostering sustainable growth.


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