Support mechanisms for driving digital transformation in Malta

April 30, 2024, Tuesday News

Minister for the Economy, Enterprise and Strategic Projects Silvio Schembri addressed the Yearly Enterprise Innovation conference hosted by Malta Enterprise. This conference provided ample networking opportunities and brought together leading entrepreneurial minds in the country to explore themes of innovation and cutting-edge technology adoption in business.

The primary focus of this year’s conference was to underscore how digital transformation can enhance the value-creation capacity of Maltese enterprises. The event showcased the existing support mechanisms available to facilitate this transformation journey.

The minister emphasized the importance of entities such as Malta Enterprise, Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Gaming Malta, the Malta Life Sciences Park and Kordin Business Incubation Centre which serve as tangible testament to government’s commitment to fostering innovation. “Through these entities we facilitate national innovation by nurturing the business environment, providing access to finance and operation space, fostering private research and making strategic investments in innovation. Fostering an environment of innovation can make Malta more appealing to investors while simultaneously fostering local business growth,” highlighted Minister Silvio Schembri.

He also shared a notable case study illustrating Malta’s pioneering role in innovation. Malta Enterprise’s collaboration with Super Charger Ventures, a private innovation network and accelerator specialising in the future of education, aims to scale and propel high-tech start-ups within the education sector on a global scale.

From his end, Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise, outlined the organisation’s framework for supporting innovation in various industries, with a particular emphasis on the Malta Life Sciences Park team’s role in managing European Funded projects that promote innovation. “Economic development is not just about new businesses. Economic development is also re-invigorating existing businesses by supporting their innovation to increase their competitiveness and longevity. Our goal is to future-proof our existing enterprises by adapting advanced manufacturing solutions and social innovation strategies,” highlighted Mr Farrugia.

Malta’s commitment to innovation extends beyond Malta Enterprise, with MDIA also playing a crucial role in promoting innovation in the country. Setting up MDIA five years ago positioned Malta at the forefront of innovation, and now, similar initiatives are becoming compulsory across the EU.

Interested businesses were encouraged to connect with Malta Enterprise staff for guidance and assistance to take up support programmes such as the Malta Innovation Hub, Erasmus+, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), and ADMA-Factories of the Future.

The conference featured esteemed speakers including Ruuan Grobler from 9H Digital, Magnus Karlsson from Amplify, and Gege Gatt from EBO. Plenary sessions were followed by breakout sessions where companies like Cleverbit, Eunoia, iMovo, Toly Products, Polzify, and Smart Studios shared insights on digital transformation, innovation mindset, and the impact of AI. The conference, organized by Malta Enterprise, received sponsorship from Lemonworx, Bank of Valletta (BOV), ARMS Ltd, and MDIA.


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