Cross-Re-Tour – A Green and Digital Journey for SMEs

March 8, 2024, Friday News

The Malta Tourism Authority is participating in an EU-funded project called Cross-Re-Tour. The objective of Cross-Re-Tour is to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in tourism to become more sustainable and more digital. The main areas of focus are water, energy, plastic, food, equipment/furniture, mobility, client nudging and staff nudging

The project involves a partnership between 8 different organisations from different countries. This is a 3-year project which mainly involves 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Interested tourism SMEs/NGO/public organisations would be participating in an online dialogue to discuss challenges faced in the area of green and digital transition; additionally, their state of transformation readiness would be assessed. 

Phase 2 – The dialogue is extended whereby tourism SMEs will be connected with digital and green service provides to identify potential solutions. 

Phase 3 – Funding for a total of 10 SMEs for the worth of 30K per innovative project (per country). Total funding for Malta is 300K and each project is fully funded by the EU.

The benefits of participating in the Cross-Re-Tour project:

  • Join the online dialogue to share & discuss your challenges to green & digital innovation
  • Use our automated self-assessment tool to evaluate your readiness to take on the transition journey
  • Profit from our capacity building packages & business advisory services
  • Become part of an international community to network & find cross-domain innovation partners
  • Apply for the cross-domain open innovation program to receive additional technical support & funding for your green/digital project up to €30.000

For more info kindly follow this link or get in touch with Tania Sultana ( and Maryrose Briffa (


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