Maltese laboratory solutions company taps in immersive technology innovations

May 21, 2019, Tuesday

Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, Managing Director at Evolve Ltd; participated in Brokerage Event organised by Chamberlink Limited UK (North West UK EEN partner) in June 2019.

The B2B meetings brought together companies offering, or willing to buy, solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry knew what the company was looking for and recruited Evolve Ltd to attend and tapping into latest digital innovations particularly in laboratory solutions and education.

One of the B2B encounters that Mr Christopher Busuttil Delbridge had was with a company involved in immersive technology, such as Creator AVR, to accelerate out of class learning and improving the in-class discussions, demonstrations, and labs. Following the event, both companies had several meetings to discuss collaboration. Both companies have now entered into a commercial agreements within which Evolve Ltd will provide the immersive AR & VR facility in the Maltese market.

The agreement is also a breakthrough in the Maltese market which will address a gap whereby the current generation of learners relying heavily on technology will now be able to gain their knowledge remotely thanks to this newly introduced immersive technology.

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