ADMA Trans4mers Launches the 2nd Open Call for European SMEs in Advanced Manufacturing

April 3, 2023, Monday Mentorship

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with ADMA TranS4MErs!

As one of the biggest European transformation programmes, ADMA TranS4MErs offers a comprehensive and dynamic approach to digital transformation, helping companies across the EU achieve their full potential.

The ADMA TranS4MErs Open Call 2 runs from April 1st, 2023 until January 18th, 2024, with the aim to support small and medium enterprises in the European Union to adopt and implement innovative and sustainable digital and advanced manufacturing solutions to accelerate their transformation into more efficient and competitive Factories of the Future.

Up to 800 selected SMEs will receive funding to work with our certified knowledge brokers, the TranS4MErs, to build their tailored digital transformation journey.

After signing in to the ADMA TranS4MErsxChange Platform, SMEs can start their transformation journey by taking the ADMA Scan, a self-assessment based on key transformation areas related to the themes of Industry 4.0 designed to help them assess their digital and advanced manufacturing maturity level. The Scan results are the basis on which the TranS4MErs and SMEs together develop the SMEs Transformation Plan.

The Transformation Programme is organised in two phases:

  • Design, during which the SMEs receive a voucher for up to 8 hours of dedicated support from their TranS4MEr to evaluate the company’s business needs and digitalisation opportunities to design a tailored Transformation and Implementation Plan. The Transformation and Implementation Plan is the basis for selection for the second phase of the Open Call.
  • Revamp (applications open on June 1st, 2023), during which the SMEs receive up to €5000 to spend on selected innovation and consultancy services and tools available in the ADMA TranS4MErs Catalogue to complete their transformation journey.

The Open Call vouchers are awarded by country on a first-come-first-served criteria after bi-weekly selection dates starting in June 2023. To learn more about the eligibility criteria, vouchers availability per country, and the application process visit the ADMA TranS4MErs website.

Applications must be submitted by the SMEs on the F6S portal.

About ADMA TranS4MErs

The   H2020   project   ADMA   TranS4MErs   re-energises the European Advanced Manufacturing (ADMA) Support Centre project’s efforts to help SMEs’ transformation towards next-generation factories. Coordinated by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), 38 partners from across the EU-27 are coming together to support pan-European Manufacturing SMEs to address their digitalisation challenges and guide them in their transformation journey to become Factories of the Future.

At the heart of the project, the ADMA TranS4MErs xChange Platform allows SMEs, experts, and service providers to connect and gives access to a wide range of fast, flexible, and highly specialised training and services. Certified TranS4MErs act as trusted brokers between SMEs and service providers, while our quality Mark guarantees the excellence of the tools and guidance offered.

Other information:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037866.


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