Medica Healthcare Brokerage Event 2023

November 13, 2023, Monday Düsseldorf, Germany

Discover the Future of Healthcare at MEDICA Healthcare Brokerage Event 2023!

Join us at the forefront of innovation in the world’s most massive medical technology extravaganza!

Prepare to be immersed in the epicenter of medical breakthroughs as MEDICA, the planet’s premier trade fair for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory gear, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals, unfolds in tandem with COMPAMED, the world’s leading supplier fair for medicine. This dynamic duo grants you unrivaled access to the entire spectrum of medical products and cutting-edge technologies.

Global Connections Await You!

At our exclusive Brokerage Event, you’ll engage with a diverse array of international participants in person. Don’t miss the chance to forge valuable partnerships and explore exciting collaborations! Plus, in our virtual realm throughout November, you can seamlessly orchestrate B2B meetings and dive into riveting presentations. Get ready for a month-long journey into the future of healthcare.

What’s on the Horizon?

Presented by ZENIT GmbH and Enterprise Europe Network, our program encompasses an array of captivating topics, both in the virtual and physical realms:

Telemedicine and Digitalization: Unveil the transformation of healthcare through cutting-edge technology.
Medical Textiles: Witness the fusion of fashion and medicine in a groundbreaking trend.
Prototypes and 3D Printing: Explore the brave new world of medical innovation through 3D printing.
Geriatric Medicine: Delve into the evolving landscape of senior care and wellbeing.
innovative Procurement: Discover groundbreaking approaches to supply chains for hospitals and care facilities.
Financing and Market Entry: Unlock the secrets to financial success and global market entry.
Sustainable Healthcare: Learn how sustainability is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Matchmaking Galore!

• Digital Matchmaking: November 1st – November 30th, 2023
• On-site Matchmaking: November 13th – November 16th, 2023

Engaging Sessions:
• Webinars, Expert Talks, Workshops:
o Textile Material and Technology Innovations for Medical Products
o Telemedicine and Telecare – What Awaits Us
o Prototypes and 3D Printing in Medicine

Get ready for a healthcare experience like no other! Reserve your spot at MEDICA Healthcare Brokerage Event 2023 and become a part of the healthcare revolution!

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