International Drone Show 2023

August 29, 2023, Tuesday HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark

See new drone technologies in action, network and hear talks from some of the biggest players in Europe’s drone industry at the International Drone Show

The annual conference and expo event is a unique meeting place for the drone industry, researchers and end users – from the commercial and public sector, including defence – to discuss the latest drone innovations and explore new application potential.  
The event features: 

  • Talks and workshops covering the latest drone tech trends  
  • Live flight demonstrations  
  • Expo area where companies and organisations showcase solutions and research 
  • Matchmaking sessions with industry peers and experts
  • Panel discussions with industry experts on the latest drone developments
  • Pre-event for international companies on 28 August  
  • Networking opportunities including after-show dinner. 


Exciting panel discussions

Participants can look forward to panel discussions on drone security and the integration of drones in the Nordic airspace.

“Drone Security as a Paradox” will be moderated by Christian Clemmensen Møller from MyDefence, where participants will discuss the paradox of society and the industry’s wish to use drones, while recognising that they could pose a threat to our society in many different ways.

“Status on the Integration of Drones in Nordic Airspace” will be moderated by Anders Martinsen, from UAS Norway, where CAAs from the Nordic countries will join in a discussion focused on what the future of drone integration in the Nordic airspace could look like, what is needed to achieve it, and how we secure it safely and efficiently.

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