11 June 2020


By EEN Malta Coorddinator, Brigitte Tanti. Featured on The Malta Business Weekly on 11/06/2020

At Enterprise Europe Network, one of our main remits is to broker business relations between companies and one of our primary platforms to do this, are brokerage or matchmaking events.  When informing our clients about such opportunities, we are often asked questions like: Why should I attend a brokerage event? Do I get business from it? Is it worth what I spend, in terms of both time and money? 

This time of economic hardship is the time when the true value of networking events, albeit virtual, comes into play.  Participating in a matchmaking event is an investment in developing relationships and contacts. Now more than ever, the relationships built through past networking, must be leveraged. For many micro and small businesses, these personal connections will be instrumental in getting them through the COVID-19, and post-COVID, ordeal. This crisis is where the all the past investments in time, travelling to and from events and meetings, doing one-on-ones and exploring mutual opportunities will pay off.

This is also the opportunity to ensure that your “real world” brand matches your online brand.  In this peculiar time where the virtual has replaced the personal, companies need to ensure that their online profiles are up-to-date and, whether it’s a makeover or just an update, just don’t delay further. 

The events below are an example of how you can take this forward and create potential business leads, from the comfort of your home or office! Meet and match with cooperation partners from all over the world through our virtual business meetings. And when the time comes, and for best results, remember to plan out a meeting; have an agenda, questions and do your homework by looking at the company website and LinkedIn profile of those with whom you are meeting.  Enterprise Europe Network strongly believes that its key to reach out and connect with as many people as possible, and we are at hand to help you build and leverage your business networking relationships.


17-18 June: Digital Health Capital @DMEAsparks

This is Europe's most important event for digital health. Even though it’s not taking place in its usual physical form, digitalisation in the healthcare system and communicating this subject remain as topical as ever, and marketplace profiles include biometrics, diagnostics, authentication, telemedicine and custom application development.

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7 July:  Qatar Building Material & Construction 2020

Join the First Virtual Qatar Matchmaking Event, organised by the EEN Qatar/Qatar Development Bank and gathering top companies, distributors and businesses to discuss and develop future partnerships with international companies. The event will focus on raising awareness on the manufacturing capabilities in Qatar and allowing international companies to partner with the leading manufacturers in Qatar related to construction and building materials.

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27-30 August:  Gamesmatch@Gamescom 2020

 Since the world's largest event for computer and video games cannot take place on location in Cologne this year, due to the pandemic, digital formats and platforms are therefore being expanded to facilitate the Gamescom digital format. From August 27 to 30, there will be ancillary platform to accommodate the Content Hub - the first go-to source for all world premieres, news, games and events. There will also be the Digital Devcom’s wide-ranging program for game developers and like-minded professionals.

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For all the above events, and more, we invite you to participate and benefit from pre-arranged, individual 20-minute B2B meetings. You simply need to register, present yourself digitally through your business profile, showcasing your company, your technology or your offerings and select partners of interest to you in advance of the event.

If you require assistance in this regard, or any additional information, kindly reach out on brigitte.tanti@maltaenterprise.com