Call to assist innovative companies in applying for EIC SME Instrument 2018-2020

11 January 2018

A newly released EIC SME Instrument annotated template has been launched!

It basically orients and guide innovative companies in your application by providing appropriate tools and approaches on how to draft a proposal/business plan with good chances in the SME Instrument.

If you are a Maltese company, incubator or innovative entity; this is for you!

It will help you better understand the requirements of the template and write better applications. A successful business idea needs to be presented in a convincing way to broad range of experts from a wide array of fields.

While the scientific/technical soundness of an SME Instrument proposal can be central to your ultimate success, it is without doubt that the market strategy to be envisaged, the user needs to be met, and the business opportunity to be answered should be clear and comprehensible to  to SME Instrument evaluators.

Time is ripe for you to contact us and let us help you focus on the business side of the application and not only on the technological part of it; to channel your efforts towards a successful outcome!